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“Ode To A Dying Dog,” a drama, with comedic overtones, is about two aging gay men, once longtime partners, now estranged, who reunite on the occasion of one of the men’s dog dying. Over the three days that the play takes place, they grapple over the issues that led to the failure of their relationship. The play touches on a host of hot-button topics in contemporary gay life including relationships, infidelity, separation and living alone, narcissism, growing old, AIDS, drugs, May-December relationships, the sugar daddy syndrome, and of course the love of pets. During the course of the play, a number of the characters in each of these men’s separate lives come alive on stage.

If I were to characterize my play in just a few phrases I would describe it as a cross between a gay “Odd Couple” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.”

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