Directory to My Short Story Collection, “Basic Butch”

“Basic Butch” is my collection of edgy short stories, reminiscent of film noire, set in some of America’s leading gay venues like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale, with characters – gay men and women – whose arrogant, aggressive natures lead them down life paths that they often wished they had never explored. Walks on the beach these stories aren’t. Available on and

Picture Perfect

How a practically minded gay man from Jersey who thought he’d never find love with another man finally found it in Ybor City, Florida.

Last Call

Six foot hairy hunks, Rob, a bisexual, married executive, and Bry, a partnered college professor living on opposite ends of Florida had met and played on the web. Now they planned a secret weekend get-away, unknown to their other halves, where they could consummate their lust for one another in person. What Rob didn’t realize until he arrived at that motel in Cocoa Beach was that, for him, Bry had become more than just a hard dick.


Handsome but tormented Simon was determined once and for all to find out the identity of the mysterious, well-built man with the hairy chest but no face shot who had been stalking him for weeks on the gay sex websites. What Simon was not ready for that rainy Halloween night was finding the guy hot, hard, and ready, at his doorstep.

Mr. Ten Thousand

A total top and still a hunk at 45, Jeff had slept around since he was 12 and wanted to make his ten thousandth trick something special. When Mal, Jeff’s first and only lover, now paunchy and tired, moved into the same Upper East Side Manhattan apartment building with Ted, his tall, humpy thirty-something partner, Jeff was determined to make Ted Mr. Ten Thousand and would stop at nothing to make it happen.

Vanilla, No Sprinkles

Zac, a bisexual hospital PR executive in New York City living his other life out in transitory lust fests, mindlessly loses his little boy, Andy, to an abductor while shopping at the Staten Island Mall. His wife Dana goes insane and Zac soon discovers that the man responsible for Andy’s disappearance is actually a ghost from his own twisted childhood past – and his first and perhaps only love.

Seattle Penance

Kurt, a cynical, no-nonsense New Yorker, was pissed when his friend Mickey backed out at the last minute on a first-ever trip to Seattle that Mickey had convinced Kurt to take. Kurt still hoped to make the long Columbus weekend sexually successful. What he didn’t figure on was that looking for dick would leave blood on his hands and forever change his life.

Guilt Gift

West Village leather boys David and A.B were fuck buddies who enjoyed a lifestyle that revolved around the next leather event. They thought a mysterious invite to a very private party in San Francisco from a couple they had fucked with at the last MIL in Chicago would be just another opportunity to play rough. In the end, they got far more than they ever bargained for.

Two Way Split

Plagued by deep seated feelings of inferiority, Martha, a mousey, middle-aged suburban New York housewife, had long tolerated her husband Albert’s affair with glamorous, educated Kristen. But when Martha received a call that her husband, on business in Houston, had suffered a stroke in a gay bathhouse, her views of Albert, Kristen and herself were suddenly turned upside down.

Best Buds

We had fucked around a few times, but I thought spending the Labor Day weekend with my new friend Jack in Orlando might give me the chance to show him how I really felt. Instead, Jack became my own private nightmare.

Bike Ride

His wife dead of a brain tumor and now facing cancer himself, Erwin, a closeted, middle aged antiques dealer in Chicago’s Halstead District, decided to venture to Fort Lauderdale for what could be a last fling. Always the practical one, he thought buying a hairy, humpy male prostitute would be the expedient answer – what Erwin didn’t count on was love.

Mind Fuckers

Her college days behind her, Melanie thought she was long over the pain of the one-sided infatuation she had had with fellow soccer player Karen. That is until a call from Kar, now working in New York, saying that she was headed down to Lauderdale on vacation, made Mel hope for a second chance.

Personal Trainer

The quiet, almost boring Fort Lauderdale lives of Arnold and Albert, early retirees and 9/11 Manhattan transplants, were turned upside down when a humpy new neighbor and personal trainer became interested in more than just Albert’s reps on the abs machine.


Donny, a short, crippled store clerk whose only asset was his nine inch dick, felt helpless and utterly alone after some frivolous gays killed his only friend in a hit and run. Then came his plan for revenge.

Love and Marriage

With marriage to his college sweetheart just weeks away, Alec, a Long Island jock, was determined to do something he had wanted to do for too long – make it with a guy. He thought a hastily planned visit to a dying aunt in Florida would finally give him that opportunity with a website buddy. What he didn’t expect was that his real lust would become a family affair.

Ode to Mitch

I only knew Mitch a few weeks out of my petty life but I know I will never forget him. He was the idealization of manhood in my mind. My brother. My clone.