Check out my blog, “Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man”

Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man,” is my no-holds-barred, unvarnished, highly opinionated, introspective social commentary on Gay Life in Today’s America from the perspective of me, a “str8 gay” man, a member of the great silent gay majority who do not espouse to the fluff of gay sub-culture or all its political correctness but lead quiet, ordinary lives.

“Confessions” covers a lot of ground: The Gay Psyche (“What Went Wrong with Gay Liberation”), Gay Culture, (“Is Logo Exploitation Television?”) Sex and Where To Find It (how to play the baths, sex clubs and the web), Relationships, (monogamous, threesomes and just fucking around) Man Makeovers, (from the gym to Mr. T Therapy) the Hirsute Man, (including hairy men I’ve loved and even slept with)  Friends and Family, (like my own Mommie Dearest) Gays and God (“What if Jesus Were Bi?”) , Playing the Web (get out the prozac!)  and much more.

I also offer my own critical reviews of some of America’s so-called gay hotspots (like SF: is it sitting on its gay laurels?) including my own home base of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, frequented by over a million gay travelers annually.

You may not agree with all I have to say, or even most of what I have to say, but one thing for sure – it will get you thinking about stuff you never gave a second thought to before.

That’s Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man –

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